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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Tim Fisher Says:


    I read your book which itself is as exciting as any story. I couldn’t put it down! You mention in passing my two favorite drama – myths… Wagner’s Ring Cycle and Tolkien’s LotR (book AND movie versions). I have been working through them for 40 years now and still going!!

    Have you ever done a detailed analysis of either of these, other than the article on your website “Watching LotR”?

    I thought your observation that there were doubles in the film (and the book!) is one reason why it works. Just as you point out in “The Writer’s Journey” with your list of polarizations, these contrasts and oppositions are the meat of drama: conflict. And LotR is all about the conflict between good and evil. The great flaw in Jung (and to some extent Campbell) is their agenda to emphasize the reduction of conflict and you have gone far in undoing that ethical compromise.

    Thanks, Tim Fisher

    • chrisvogler Says:

      Thanks Tim, your kind words are most encouraging. I’ve done a lot of work with the Ring Cycle — without realizing it! I worked for years on an epic about the gods enlisting a human to help them in their struggles, only to discover Wagner had already written it.

      I’m very interested in your critique of Jung and Campbell for having an agenda of minimizing conflict. I’m sort of naturally tuned to avoid conflict myself, but have learned that you can’t live, and you certainly can’t write well, without it.

  2. bethabelseth Says:

    Hi – I’ve also read your book “The Writer’s Journey; Mythic Structure for Writers” and I’m recommending it to every storyteller I know from oral traditions to novelists to radio screen writers. I personally write novels (but I’ve yet to get anything published – I’m still pretty new to the writing for publishing thing), and I’ve got this one manuscript that wasn’t quite “perfect” yet and I couldn’t figure out what was holding it back until after I read your book. I’m actually in the process of writing a review of it for my blog and I’m planning a series of posts on my blog that summarize the different archetypes and stages of the journey and the various appendices of the latest edition, encouraging people to buy and read your book. Every other book I’ve ever read about writing focuses on the mechanics of a written story specifically, but no book I’ve read on writing goes over the art of telling a good story the way your book does. It’s the best book I’ve read on storytelling so far.

  3. James Stratford Says:

    Dear Chris,

    it’s good to find your blog. I read your book about 15 years ago, not long after reading Campbell and starting my own journey in the study of myth as a Classics student, studying ancient Greek and Roman epic.

    Last year I finished a PhD looking at the transformation of Homer’s great hero Achilles in the Iliad. It was amazing to track his psychological journey and to see it expressed in subtle changes in his use of language and behaviour which also happen to be consistent with what modern psychology is just recently beginning to notice. I’ve also done work comparing the Iliad to Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, and even Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy, where we have all the essence of epic just without the usual visual cues. If you’re ever interested in checking these out, there are links on my blog, where I publish regularly on the hero’s journey and how this can inspire our daily lives. This was the heart of my first book, Discover the Hero Within (published in Spanish as Descubre a tu heroe interior). Now in the post-PhD phase, I want to use this and my own experience to write my own screenplay or help others with theirs.

    I notice you do quite a few seminars. Have you ever done one in Australia or are you considering one in the near future?

    Best wishes,

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